Visitors Info

Adults:   $8.00
Ages 6-12:   $3.00
Children under 6:  Free

Daily Schedules: click here to open

Free parking is provided. Please follow the sign to behind the firehouse.  Parking for persons with disabilities area is at the Peterboro Area Museum.
Please don't park on village streets, and please save the museum lot for those that need it.

Porta-Johns, including wheelchair accessibility, are provided on the east side of the General Store, and on the southwest corner of the Gerrit Smith Estate. Full restrooms are available in the Smithfield Community Center.

Contact Us:
Mail:        Smithfield Community Association
                  5304 Oxbow Road P.O. Box 6
                  Peterboro, NY  13134

phone:    315-280-8828

12th US website: